Cigars & Leisure Praises Isabela Pepper Head

Cigars & Leisure Review of Isabela Pepper Head

Our thanks to Cigars & Leisure for their outstanding review of Isabela Pepper Head!

Said Managing Editor Brian Ledtke:

“This is a gorgeous, barber pole Corona that just begs to be appreciated and gazed at for a while. The construction is impeccable, and the pre-light caramel aromas are enticing. I use a hole punch, which, given its size, may have proved disastrous but ended up being fine. The cold draw is excellent and is already displaying flavors of cinnamon and other spices, though it’s a little hard to pick out individual flavors at first because of the sugar cap.

This is a spicy, gorgeously constructed, alluringly aromatic cigar that needs to be tried by anyone who considers themselves a cigar lover. Isabela Cigar Company is quietly making waves over here and it’s about time they get the recognition they deserve.”