Isabela Pepper Head Wows Katman!

Pepper Head

The latest LTD release from the Isabela Creative Magic Studio is the “Pepper Head,” an exotic cigar that takes you on an exotic journey of the senses to faraway lands, and their many different flavors of peppercorns and spices.

To affect the multiple reveals of this release, we utilized 13 strains of high-priming tobaccos, each aged at different lengths with an additional 3 years of post-production aging to reveal a harmonious blend of multiple transitions of ever-changing flavors.

Phil 'Katman' Kohn
Phil ‘Katman’ Kohn

And noted cigar critic Phil ‘Katman’ Kohn is singing it’s praises.

“Holy crap, there is a lot to fascinate the nares…Caramel, chocolate, malt, peppermint, floral notes, cedar, dried fruit, barnyard, peat, café au lait, creamy vanilla, licorice, Brazil nuts, banana, and coconut. Yikes.

Flavor elements change so quickly and uniquely, I think that constantly naming the flavors will cause a sense of redundancy. Everything I’ve described is active but comes and goes on its own recognizance.

Balance. Right on. Smoothness. Poifect. Complexity. Off the grid. Transitions. Too many to count. Finish. They should bottle this.”