Shape-Shifter Wins #2 Best Cigar of 2018

The KatmanPhillip Kohn (a.k.a. “The Katman”) isn’t a pushover when it comes to reviewing cigars, and he doesn’t sugar coat his criticisms. That’s why cigar aficionados rely so consistently on his recommendations.

So, we were understandably a bit nervous when we asked him to review the new Isabela Shape-Shifter. To our delight, he was utterly effusive in his praise, extending it a 100 rating — the highest award ever!

“My palate takes no prisoners. I’m not shy,”  Kohn writes. “But when a blend reaches a level of magnificence, it must be rated accordingly. So, my babies, if you don’t get in on this, you’re nuts. You will regret it if you don’t at least snag a fiver…but get the box.”


In January 2018, Katman ranked the Isabela Shape-Shifter as his #2 Best Cigar of 2018.