Shape-Shifter Rated Top 25 Boutique Cigar of 2018

Isabela Shape-Shifter
The Stogie Press recently added the Isabela Shape-Shifter to its list of the Top 25 Boutique Cigars of 2018.

Said “Boston Jimmy,” the publication’s main reviewer:

“Isabela Cigars has proven that a cigar does not have to be big to offer big smoke and aromas along with a long time to enjoy. The company’s “Shape Shifter” is a terrific blend and smoking experience. The flavors and aromas kept shifting and moving in and out, keeping me on edge, like watching a tight scoring baseball game, never knowing what was coming.”

In December 2018, the publication gave the Shape-Shifter a 94 rating, concluding it to be “a terrific blend and smoking experience.”