ThickAsh Cigar Magazine Praises Isabela Serpentine

Our sincerest thanks to Mike Green at ThickAsh Cigar Magazine for his gracious review of the 2016 Limited Edition Isabela Serpentine!

Mike writes:

Thick Ash Cigar Magazine“The one hour and fifteen minute burn time for this cigar was very much enjoyable as the myriad of flavors danced around my palette. It consisted of many different flavors of sweetness, pepper spice, wood, hay, floral, malt, dried fruit, caramel, creaminess, and nutmeg. The retro-hale was smooth, sweet, and did not present any type of burn to the nostrils. The ash held strong during each stage of the cigar, being the strongest during the final piece. The construction was amazing with both wrappers burning evenly throughout the smoking experience. There were no burn issues or touch-ups required at any point. Being on the lower end of medium-bodied, I’d recommend this cigar a try for anyone interested in a cigar with a multitude of various flavors.

I look forward to enjoying another of one of these tasty and extremely well made cigars soon.”