Isabela Cigar Company News

The Stogie Press recently added the Isabela Shape-Shifter to its list of the Top 25 Boutique Cigars of 2018.

Isabela Shape Shifter

We were a bit nervous when we asked Phillip Kohn to review the new Isabela Shape-Shifter. To our delight, he was utterly effusive in his praise, extending it a 100 rating — the highest award ever!

Isabela Shape Shifter

Isabela Cigar Company extends it’s thanks to Urban Fishing Pole Cigars for its extremely favorable review of the extremely limited release of the Isabela Shape-Shifter.

Isabela Shape Shifter

Isabela Cigar Company is pleased to announce the debut of our most aggressive blend to date — the 2018 Isabela Shape-Shifter!

Isabela Cigar Company Reviews

We’ve gotten so many great reviews about Isabela Cigars that it’s almost impossible to keep up with them. Here are a few of our faves!

Isabela Tops Cigars & Leisure Reader’s Choice Awards

Our humble thanks to the readers of Cigars & Leisure Magazine for choosing the Isabela “Sparkle” Robusto as the Top Cigar in its 3rd Annual Reader’s Choice Awards.

Isabela Time Traveler

Thanks to The Stogie Press for ranking the Isabela StarDust in its Top 25 Boutique Cigars of 2017!

Isabela Stardust

Our thanks to The Katman for including the Isabela StarDust in his Top 25 Cigars of 2017!

Isabela Serpentine

Our sincerest thanks to Mike Green at ThickAsh Cigar Magazine for his gracious review of the 2016 Limited Edition Isabela Serpentine!

Isabela True Cuban

To ward against the Academy snubbing Leonardo DiCaprio again, Kaplowitz, “The Sabbath Smoker,” made sure he had a fail safe — an Isabela True Cuban-sized Corona.